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Love Is All You Need

რუსულად, დანიურად


კომედია, მელოდრამა

France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Sweden

116 Min
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IMDb6.6 (9270)

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რეჟისორი: სიუზანა ბირი

როლებში: პირს ბროსნანი, კიმ ბოდნია, ტრინე დიურჰოლმი, Ciro Petrone, პაპრიკა სტეენი, Marco D'Amore ყველას ნახვა

ბიუჯეტი: €5,500,000

შემოსავალი: DKK 35,810,226


Venice (Out of Competition), Toronto (Special Presentations), Nordic ,

ფილმის მიმოხილვა

A Danish woman, Ida (Trine Dyrholm), who has just finished her cancer treatments, walks in on her suffering husband in bed with his young co-worker. She travels alone to their daughter's wedding, which is to take place in Italy, but meets the father of the groom, Philip (Pierce Brosnan), and immediately makes a bad first impression. At the seaside villa where Philip once lived with his wife, conflicts arise not least between the soon-to-be newlyweds. But first impressions fade, and Ida may find her chance for another life.


ნაჩვენებია 4 - 5 პოსტიდან.
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მეც მეტი კი არაფერი მჭირდება :D

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Nana Nonikashvili


didad visiamovne…All I need is love...

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