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King Dave



დრამა, თრილერი

99 Min
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IMDb7.4 (312)

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რეჟისორი: დენიელ გრუ

როლებში: მილენ სენ-სოვერი, Moe Jeudy-Lamour, Karelle Tremblay, Mathieu Baron, Sabrina Baribeau, ალექსანდრ გოიეტი ყველას ნახვა

ფილმის მიმოხილვა

Dave is young and rebellious. A self-proclaimed King, influenced but not unconscious. As he sets out to find the stranger who danced with his girlfriend grabbing her, as if nothing had happened, he decides to take justice into his hands. Between violence, heartbreak and friendship betrayal, Dave will put his finger through the wringer and rush forward, unable to stop. Will Dave, your neighbor, your friend, your son, your nephew, be able to reset the counter to zero? King Dave is the story of Dave, told in a single breath in one sequence shot.


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