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დრამა, კომედია, ზღაპრული (ფენტეზი)

96 Min
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IMDb6.2 (391)

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რეჟისორი: პაბლო ბერგერი

როლებში: მარიბელ ვერდუ, ანტონიო დე ლა ტორე, პრისცილა დელგადო, Javier Antón, Bea de la Cruz, როსიო კალვო ყველას ნახვა

ბიუჯეტი: €5,200,000

ფილმის მიმოხილვა

Carmen is a housewife from Madrid mother of teen Toñi and married with the macho man and obsessed with soccer Carlos, which her daily life complicating due to the abusive character of Carlos. During the party after a wedding of Carmen\'s nephew, her cousin Pepe decides prove his abilities as showman with a hypnosis session. After Carlos mocks Pepe in front of all invited, a ghost possesses Carlos, suffering strange and radical changes of attitudes and behaviors. Meeting with Pepe, Carmen looking for answers to discover what\'s happening. Helped by Prof. Fumetti, Pepe\'s mentor, Carmen realizes that Carlos is possessed by the spirit of Tito, a schizophrenic young man who in early 80\'s killed his own mother and a several assistants to a wedding party before commit suicide in the same restaurant where he worked and where Carmen\'s nephew celebrated his party. With time running out, Carmen and Pepe try to exorcise the evil spirit before Carlos be totally annulled by Tito, at the same time ...


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